How to get those elusive Farmville notes

Published: 17th February 2010
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FarmVille is an awesome time management game brought to us by Zynga. It involves raising crops, trees, and animals. You are able to harvest in some form or fashion each of these three to earn coins. These coins are then used to purchase more seeds, to plow, or even to decorate your farm. For those of us just starting out there are a few things left to learn about leveling up and other such tasks.
Those of you who have made it to level 20 and beyond know that there can be even more fun to be had. FarmVille is available on both the Facebook interface and through its own website at Either way you play can be just as fun. The bonus to using the dedicated website, however, is that there are certain gifts that cannot be accessed through Facebook.
There are special gifts that you will be offered during holidays or events, and some are only available if you play it on Another benefit is the Farmville toolbar that can be downloaded and installed in your browser. The main benefit of the toolbar is that it displays a clock to indicate when your next crop is ready to be harvested.
The Farmville toolbar's timer counts down to when your soonest crop is ready to be harvested. And it is In a handy position right under the address bar so it is hard to miss.
Once you are at a higher level, it may tend to get boring, but what you are able to now do with all the coins you are earning is to decorate your farm. In fact there are many decorating contest that you can enter. Decorating contests typically have a large prize of cash and coins. For example the valentines theme paid 500,000 coins and 500 Farmville cash.
Needless to say this sort of cash and coins would be expensive if you actually paid for them (over $250 in coins and $80 for the cash!). Not too bad when you figure that decorating can be relatively cheap if you budget it right. Competition can get pretty stiff, but with the right planning you will find a killer design is not hard to layout.
If you are interested in entering one of the contests you can find out more on the zynga website or by joining the Farmville forums. It is probably best if you have some artistic talent and are able to be very creative if you are thinking of entering these contests.
The key to doing all of this though is having enough coinage on hand. Some people go all out in trying to win the prize(s) for these competitions. If you need to build up cash rather quickly the best way is to ditch all the animals and trees. Yeah, they look cool and net you a few coins. For the most part however they are wasted space. If you are going for achievements then just let them be harvested once.
You can then sell them off for coins that can be better spent elsewhere. Plant your crops as close to your property line as possible. Get them tight together and go from side to side covering your farm. Plant the plots with the best producing (both in profits and xp) crop you have available and can afford.
Once these come in roll the coins over doing the same. The more you earn the more you can plant. Eventually you will be planting the entire farm and reaping in a ton of coins. Build up your coins and you will be all set to do whatever decorating you want!

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